Design For Life / Day 5

"designed for loving - we were made to magnify"

The Bible places some pretty tough demands on us. "Pray always," "Do everything as unto the Lord," and "Never cease giving thanks" are just some of the commands that seem almost impossible. These things are the pinnacle of Christian maturity, but they are not unreachable. Discover how to live a life that truly glorifies God and maximize your daily living as Jesus did while He was on the earth.

You may have heard the popular Christian slogan, "WWJD: What would Jesus do?" Is it really possible to live our lives like Jesus did on earth? Take a journey and learn how to live a life that glorifies God.

Day 5 dates will be available soon. You will be able to sign up on the Design for Life Card on Sunday Mornings.

All classes will be held at Christian Fellowship Church in Ashburn from 4 - 7:30 pm.