Our Vision

"Helping people far from God become fully devoted followers of Jesus."

At Cross Current, we believe that there are five reasons to become part of a church. These five reasons form the five purposes on which our church is organized:


Worship is simply building your life around God. God didn’t put you on earth to live a self-centered life. He didn’t put you here only for your benefit. He put you here for His benefit. You exist for God not vice versa. And God wants to be the hub of your heart, the axis of your existence, the core of your being and the focus of your attention. The Bible calls that worship.


You want to know why you’re alive? God made you to be a part of His family. That’s the whole reason you’re alive. God wants you in His family. And that family is going to go on forever. The Bible says God wants you to learn to get along with other members of His family. Just like a parent enjoys watching his or her kids get along, God wants you to learn to love. At Cross Current we want to offer you a place to call home.


God doesn’t want you to stay a spiritual baby. He wants you to grow up. At Cross Current, your growth is our goal. Everything we do here is to help you grow spiritually because God wants you to grow up. We’re always trying to think of new ways to help you. That’s why our Teaching Team motto is “Giving you on Sunday, something you can use on Monday” Why do we teach the topics we do? Why do we deliver the messages the way we do, why do we have notes and graphics and videos and drama and feature songs? Is it to entertain you? To put on a good a show? No! It’s to help you grow spiritually and become more like Jesus.


Ministry is not something pastors do. Ministry just means serving and is something everybody’s called to do. It means using your gifts, your passion, your abilities, your unique personality and your experience to help other people in love. God didn’t put you on this earth just to take up space, just to use resources, party and die. No. He put you here to make a contribution with your life. You’re to leave this place a better place. Anytime you use anything God has given you to help somebody else in Jesus’ name that is called ministry.


God wants us to reach people with His Good News. What is the good news? Here’s the good news: you’re not an accident. Here’s the good news: you were made to last forever. Here’s the good news: God has a purpose for your life. Here’s the good news: no matter what you’ve done Jesus Christ will forgive you because He’s paid for it on the cross. He has a plan and a place for you in heaven. He wants to forgive all your sins. That’s good news. And everybody needs to hear it.

Well? Are you feeling a tug? That slight feeling of "yes, this is the direction." Don't ignore it. Check out what to expect at your first visit to our growing Ashburn church. A common sentiment from guests, "I was personally and warmly welcomed and pleasantly surprised."