Community Life at Cross Current

We believe that a life shared is a life prepared.

Small Groups

We have various on-going Small Groups where you can share life, study Scripture, pray and worship with others at Cross Current. Select one below to learn more.

How Do I Join a Group?

We're here to help! There's a few different ways you can get connected in a group. 

1. Small Group Lunch: We start new groups in the Fall and Spring, which kick off with a free lunch after church service. This is the place where your group will get started. You’ll get a chance to connect with your group, hear a little more about what to expect, and discuss any pertinent details for your time together. You can sign up for one of these new groups at church in the weeks leading up to the next Small Group Lunch or simply submit the online form below.  Space is limited for Journey Groups, so make sure you don't wait!  

2. Join a Current Group Now: If you don't want to wait for the Small Group Lunch, but prefer to connect with a current group now, we can help you do that!  Contact our Senior Pastor at, and he can help you find the right group to join.

3. Start Your Own Group: If you already have a group of people you know you’d like to form a group with, then you can do that too!  Just let our Senior Pastor, Fraser Murdoch, know so he can help you get off on the right track. You can contact him at