Our Leadership

  • Senior Pastor

    Fraser Murdoch


    Favorite Movie?

    Well as I’m from Scotland, it’s got to be Braveheart! Wait, isn’t that a documentary?

    Favorite Place to Travel?

    I’ve been fortunate to have lived, worked or preached in 6 continents. My favorite places I’ve visited are Israel, Kenya and New Zealand. I’d love to go to South Africa.

    Favorite Hobby?

    Golf, Soccer, Coffee.

    Unusual Info?

    I once ate a Guniea Pig in Peru. mmmm yummy :)


    Chris Girardi


    Favorite Movies? 

    The original Willy Wonka with Gene Wilder, Good Will Hunting, and Forrest Gump. 

    Favorite Place to Travel?

    My favorite place internationally has been Italy if only for the food! In the states grew up camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains and it will always be one top spots. 

    Favorite Hobby?

    Djing, wood working/ DIY projects, running

    Unusual Info?

    I once got lost on a run in DC and ended up in the middle of a protest and got quoted in the Washington Post. 




    Favorite Movies?

    Sense & Sensibility, The Shawshank Redemption, Sound of Music, & Armageddon

    Coolest place you have traveled? 

    Glacier National Park & San Diego


    Favorite Hobby? 

    Good Food, Enjoying Nature, Reading, Podcasts & Exercise


    Unusual Info? 

    I once lived in Batman... no not Gotham City. 

  • director of Logistics

    Kevin myers


    Favorite Movies?

    The Great Escape, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

    Coolest place you have traveled? 

    Martinique (beautiful water, French cooking)


    Favorite place to visit? 

    Mission Beach, San Diego ("Slo-Mo" rollerblades there. Look him up on YouTube)


    Favorite Hobby? 

    Cycling. Making someone's day end better than it started. 

  • Julie Sampson

    Director of FLIPT Kids


    Favorite Movies?

    Roman Holiday, Anything belonging to the “Marvel Comic Universe”.

    Favorite place you have traveled? 

    Spain, esp Barcelona


    Favorite Hobby? 

    Reading, Painting

  • genny johnson

    Director of serve


    Favorite Movies?

    Labyrinth: “Come inside have a nice cup of tea” 

    Steel Magnolias: “You know I love you more than my luggage” 

    With Honors: Social Security Clerk: I'm going to ask again, do you have evidence of birth?

    Simon Wilder: I'm sittin' here ain't I lady? What do you think, I happened by spontaneous combustion?

    Favorite places you have traveled? 

    Anywhere with a friend. Down the road, across the country or around the world.


    Favorite Hobby? 

    Roller Skating, hiking, camping, and puzzles

    Unusual info?

    I was once lost for two hours, but then I was found, asleep on the front steps of the house, by my parents. I was 2. 

    I have over 1000 frog figurines and collectibles.

  • april macdicken

    director of grow


    Favorite Movies?

    Pick one? Can't do it. Enduring favs include most of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Great Race, and Kenneth's Branagh's Henry V.

    Favorite places you have traveled? 

    London, Munich, and Budapest - not necessarily in that order.


    Favorite Hobby? 

    Depends on my mood -- I enjoy cooking, yoga, running, tea, and playing Civilization.

     Unusual info?

    I've studied Arabic, I teach analysis and reasoning at the graduate level, and I've co-authored a comic book

  • kirsty murdoch

    director of belong


  • jon walker

    director of forge men's ministry


    Favorite Movies?

    All MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movies

    Favorite places you have traveled? 



    Favorite Hobby? 

    Working on cars, both real and scale RC cars/trucks

     Unusual info?

    I’ve raced a car competitively in autocross