Your First Time
at Cross Current Church in Ashburn, VA

Ashburn and it's surrounding area is a thriving and growing region with thousands of new families every year. Cross Current Church aims to provide a place where real life flourishes, where unconditional love is given, where faith in God brings results, and where we hope you’ll fit right in.


Warm and Friendly Greeting

From the moment you step in the door you will find friendly people who are genuinely happy to see you and will help you with anything you need. 

Easy and Relaxed Atmosphere

We cherish our casual atmosphere. It is always our aim to make coming to church easier; as such there is no dress code… come as you are.

Free refreshments

We serve tea, coffee, juice and donuts before the service. Granted, the kids tend to swarm the donut table making it tricky to reach - but what fun are donuts if you don't have to work a little for them!

Lively Interactive Worship Music

Yes, we love drums and electric guitars. We use today’s style of rock music to enhance our worship of God. 

You can join in and worship God or just watch and “check it out”. If you've checked out the really big churches in Ashburn you'll notice a much different, more intimate "vibe" at Cross Current.  

Relevant & Practical Bible-based Messages

Our messages come with notes, digital presentations, and video, all with one aim; to give you something on Sunday that you can use on Monday. We use the Bible and personal experience to provide you with messages that are relevant to your daily life.

Kid's Church

Our children are very important to us. As such we run an excellent Children’s church every Sunday morning for school age children.

  • Roly-Poly - Birth through 24 months
  • Busy Bees - 2 Year Olds
  • Caterpillars & Butterflies - 3 and 4 Year Olds
  • “Big Kids” - Children’s Church for K-5th Grade

Well... Are you ready?

You probably don't "feel" like you're ready, but if you've read this far - you're ready! Go ahead, add this to your calendar.  

This Saturday, we're going to church:  

Christ Community Church

21660 Red Rum Dr, Ashburn, VA 20147

Service starts at 6pm and typically ends no later than 7:30pm. Arrive at 5:45 for coffee and to say hello. Don't worry, we have new couples, singles, families all the time, you won't be the only ones.

See you this Saturday!