New to Church? Here's your Guide

If you are thinking about coming along for the first time or you are not a regular church-goer, some of the things you see or hear might seem unfamiliar to you. This guide aims to give you a bit of an insight into why we do the things we do.

Praise and Worship

(The Singing bit)

Singing has always been a part of the Christian church service. Unlike ‘Karaoke’ however, it is not about who has the best voice or who can sing the loudest, it is about focusing on God and using words and music to express our devotion to God. At Cross Current we love music. We like it loud and we like to enjoy it too!

Praying (The talking to God part)

Praying is easier to explain, because the majority of us have prayed at some time in our life. Hearing it out loud, may however seem a little unusual to you. We believe God hears our prayers and acts upon them. When we pray out loud in church it is an expression of our belief that God is listening.


(The bread and wine)

This re-enacts “The Last Supper”, where Jesus and his disciples ate bread and drank wine just hours before Jesus went to die on a cross. The bread reminds us of Jesus body that was broken and the wine reminds us of His blood that was shed. When we take the bread and wine together we remember Jesus and what He has done.

the message

The Bible is a tremendous collection of inspired writings. It is because of this that the Bible contains relevant and helpful instruction for all areas of our lives. The sermon (for lack of a more modern word) is the part of the service where someone teaches us more about God and His plan for our lives using a section of the Bible.

The Offering

(The money bit)

To the non-Christian it might appear that the church is asking them to pay for the service, but this is not the case. In the Christian’s mind, this money is given straight to God for his work on earth. The church is God’s channel for his kindness, love, compassion, help to the poor, and spreading the good news about his son Jesus Christ.

Water Baptism (Bring a towel!)