Service Time & Location

Trailside Middle School

20325 Claiborne Parkway

Ashburn, VA 20147


Our service starts at 10AM.  

We wish we were perfect but we're not. Don't worry if you're running a little late. You won't be the only one and no one will give you the stink eye. Just come right in and find a seat. We usually start with 3 or 4 songs, so you won't be interrupting. (besides, we need your awesome singing voice!)

Do you like donuts? The really good kind of donuts? How about coffee? We have coffee and donuts each week starting at 9:30AM. Most people arrive around 9:45, so if it's your first time and you want to meet some people - this would be a great arrival time.

Even Ashburn residents, as out-going as we are, get a little nervous visiting a church for the first time. Click here to learn what to expect, from donuts to donations - we do things a little bit different.